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Global Online Shopping Analysis: Revealing the Top Spenders and Trends Worldwide

  • United States residents spend the most time online shopping, annually spending more than 905 billion on online purchases.
  • The Netherlands is the country with the highest percentage of online shoppers, surpassing even the US.
  • Apart from the US and Canada, half of the countries analyzed are European, with Singapore and Thailand standing for Asia.

Leading the list of the countries spending the most time online shopping, the United States scored 9.08 out of 10, according to e-commerce experts at Ubuy Netherlands. With 90% of its population making online purchases, the dominant shopping categories are fashion and electronics, annually spending more than 905 billion on these online purchases.

The second country spending the most time online shopping is Germany, with a score of 8.85. Mirroring French shopping habits, 84% of Germans turn to the Internet for shopping, mostly targeting clothing and shoes.

Coming in a close third, France has a vibrant online shopping culture, scoring 8.58. Although its percentage of online shoppers isn't the highest, 77% of its citizens are active online shoppers, mostly ordering clothing and shoes.

Italy comes in fourth place, with its citizens spending the most time online shopping, scoring 8.41. Quite close to the leading United States, 89% of Italians shop online, mainly buying clothing and shoes, as do France and Germany.

Rounding off our top five, the Netherlands has a score of 8.09. A staggering 91% of the population shops online, a percentage that surpasses even the US. Annually, they spend close to $17 billion on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Australia is ranked sixth, with a score of 8.02. 77% of Australians frequently use online platforms to purchase clothing and shoes, annually spending more than 42 billion dollars.

Belgium takes the seventh position with a score of 6.9. Residents annually spend almost 11 billion dollars on online shopping and have a diverse range of interests, including fashion, electronics, furniture and appliances, food, and personal care, as well as toys.

As the eighth most engaged country in online shopping, Singapore has a score of 6.23. 58% of its population, the lowest percentage in the top 10, prefers online shopping, with a primary focus on food and groceries.

In the ninth position, Thailand has a score of 5.88. Mainly interested in personal care and appearance, 76% of its population uses online platforms to purchase clothing, beauty, and personal care products, spending an average of 6 billion dollars.

Rounding off the top ten, Canada has a score of 5.63. Matching the general trend seen in several top-ranked countries, 75% of its residents prefer online shopping, with clothing and shoes being their primary focus.


E-commerce experts at Ubuy Netherlands conducted research to find out which countries spend the most time online shopping. The research comprises various metrics, including the percentage of people who use online platforms for shopping, the average yearly spending, and the top-selling product categories. To define the top countries, the research focuses on those with a higher percentage of online shoppers and large annual spending.

These are the details in their entirety:

  Country Score Percentage of Oline Shoppers Average Spending in US Dollars Category
1 United States 9.08 90% 905 billion Fashion and electronics
2 Germany 8.85 84% 156.6 billion Clothing and Shoes
3 France 8.58 77% 155.2 billion Clothing and Shoes
4 Italy 8.41 89% 80.1 billion Clothing and Shoes
5 Netherlands 8.09 91% 17.2 billion Clothing, shoes and accessories
6 Australia 8.02 77% 42.2 billion Clothing and Shoes
7 Belgium 6.90 63% 11 billion Fashion, electronics, furniture and appliances, food and personal care, toys
8 Singapore 6.23 58% 3.2 billion Food and groceries
9 Thailand 5.88 76% 6 billion Fashion, beauty and personal care products
10 Canada 5.63 75% 2.2 billion Clothing and Shoes