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Black Friday Popularity Worldwide: Which Countries are interested the most?

Netherlands Tops of the list of the Countries with the Highest Interest in Black Friday Deals

  • The Netherlands is leading the list with the highest interest in Black Friday, especially for UGG boot line discounts or offers.
  • Belgium, which ranks fifth on the list, has a broader interest in Black Friday discounts from brands such as Lego, Apple, Nike, Dyson, Amazon, and more.
  • Singapore, concluding the list, has a wide range of interests, especially when it comes to Amazon, Sephora, Lululemon Athletica, and Nike offerings.

The Netherlands is at the top of the list with the highest interest in Black Friday, especially for UGG boot-line discounts or offers.

E-commerce experts at Ubuy Netherlands conducted research to find out which countries are most interested in Black Friday. Using Google data, the research focused on phrases associated with "Black Friday" and popular brands. This study aims to identify the countries that look forward to Black Friday discounts the most, as well as the brands and goods that are in high demand.

Netherlands tops the list, with the most interest in Black Friday. Compared to others, the Dutch are most excited about the day when leading footwear brands, particularly UGG, will provide maximal and budget-friendly pricing for its boots collection.

Switzerland is following closely in second place. Their online activity, over 200K monthly searches for Black Friday, shows their excitement for the holiday shopping season. The Swiss are especially looking forward to the beauty tools, mainly Dyson Airwrap offers.

Finland, holding the third spot, has over 150K searches each month while waiting for Black Friday. The Finns are especially excited about furniture and fashion upcoming deals and discounts, especially Ikea and Zalando's offers.

Sweden comes in fourth with its interest in Black Friday. Swedes are actively searching for overall Black Friday early deals and offers, particularly furniture and toys from Ikea and Lego, which exceed 250K monthly searches.

Coming in fifth, Belgium mirrors Swedish interest in Black Friday. Though slightly behind Swedes, the scene of interest is broader here, with searching for mostly electronics discounts and deals from brands like Amazon, Apple, Nike, Dyson, Lego, and others.

In the sixth position, Ireland is moderately interested in Black Friday deals. Though ranking lower, more than 100K Irish people look for Black Friday deals for electronics, just like people in Belgium.

Seventh on the list is Denmark. Despite lagging behind in online searches, Danes prefer furniture, fashion, and electronics offerings from retailers such as Ikea, Zalando, and Apple, having looked for these goods and offers over 125K times.

Norway is ranked eighth in the list due to its comparatively limited interest in Black Friday deals. Their online search behavior shows interest in furniture and footwear offers, mainly from Ikea and UGG.

In ninth place is Canada, with their Black Friday interest. Canadians search for Black Friday offers more than 665K monthly, especially for apparel and electronics discounts from Lululemon Athletica and Amazon.

Concluding the top ten, Singapore shows a balanced interest in Black Friday. Singaporeans, while ranking last on this list, have a wide range of interests mirroring Canadians, especially when it comes to apparel and electronics stores like Amazon and Lululemon Athletica.